Looking For The MOST Unique Workout In Years From Home Or In The Gym?
So, what is the FitDisc?


The FitDisc is a workout device that takes advantage of isometric tension. It requires you to squeeze a flat disc between the palms of your hands. Removing pressure and tension from your wrists and requiring a constant inward force compressing the disc to hold it. Remember earlier, when we pressed our hands together as a demonstration? 

This is the same concept, only we have added the ability to attach it to resistance bands, or even a gym cable machine.

Isometric workouts have been scientifically proven to provide premier muscle engagement for a fraction of the time.  It requires you to keep your muscles under constant tension for a short period of time. 

Isometrics are also proven to aid rehabilitation by improving joint flexibility and ligament strength. 

What we have done, is taken this isometric tension on the muscles and paired it with dynamic movements such as pulls, presses, curls etc. Pairing the FitDisc with resistance bands really allows you to get a high intensity workout from anywhere with little time. 
With the FitDisc - the tension required by the compression will engage multiple muscles all at once. 

Not only are you working multiple muscles, but your time under tension is drastically increased, requiring less time for same results. 

The FitDisc is a BRAND NEW workout tool that allows you to attach resistance bands to it, and do a number of different workouts with hand compression which engages up to 6x the amount of muscles as a normal workout would.

Not only is this device perfect for everyone that wants to workout at home, but a great bonus is that it attaches to most cable machines at your gym! 


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